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Mylapore Festival 2016

Jan 7 - 10

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  • Kolam Contests: Jan 9 & 10. 3.30 pm onwards. North Mada Street. People must design only pull kolam with powder given at venue. Open to 100 people each evening.
    To register, queue outside Andhra Bank on North Mada Street, Counters open at 3 p.m.
  • Click here for festival 2016 schedule.


All great cities have a soul. Mylapore can rightfully claim to be the soul of Chennai (Madras) city here in south India. It pre-dates Chennai's birth in the 17th cent. and has seen the city grow as it has, its own. Mylapore retains the look and feel of an old neighborhood, the culture and heritage typically south Indian, yet it has not escaped development. This place that is proud of its arts, culture and tradition and people is just the setting for a cultural festival. A festival held in its very heart and around a great temple. Held every year in early January. Vango!

  • Main Stage

    Dance, music, folk, theatre. Held in the temple square every evening.

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  • Kolam Contest

    Over one hundred people design kolams on one street on 2 days.

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  • For Kids

    Workshops and contests - to learn and appreciate young.

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  • Crafts Zone

    People display and sell colourful stuff. Very Indian.

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  • Festival Record

    Visual record of all the action.

  • Souvenirs

    Take home T-shirts, caps, Mylapore illustrations, framed pictures

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  • Traditional Games

    Pallankuzhi, dayakattam - as contests for all age groups.

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  • History

    Short stories of this fest

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  • Park Concerts

    Young musicians perform in a public park. Without amplification.

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  • Heritage Tours

    Walks. Cycle Tour.

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  • Vintage Film Music

    Open air concerts. Celebrating the greats of Film music

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  • Exhibitions

    Photos of life in the 1960s/70s - stage, temple, home, family, events on campus

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  • Artists Nook

    Open air display of works of city artists

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  • Women's Bazaar

    Members of Self Help Groups, nominated by the state sell jute bags, can baskets, knick-knacks and stuff.

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  • Food Street

    A line of stalls offer Indian snacks and food, prepared hot, served fast.

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  • Festival Contact

    Contacts you can use

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